Crushing Gauntlets Preview

November 5th, 2011 at 11:22 am

I really like this week’s card. It’s a little complex, but it’s a very effective card and one that I really enjoy playing with. I hope you enjoy the preview.

So, in our dev diary where we talked about reactions, we saw a simple armor card, Solid Mail. This week’s card is a more complex Armor card – Crushing Gauntlets:



OK, so what’s going on with this card? The first thing you should note is that there are two grey rule boxes. That means that the card has two separate reactions. Each of those reactions can trigger separately in different situations.

The first box is an Armor reaction, just like we saw on Solid Mail. It’s not very good Armor – just two points of damage reduction on a roll of a 4 or more, but it is Armor nonetheless.

The second rule box is more interesting. This is a lot like the damage boosting that we saw from Bash previously. But, in this case, it’s a lot more general – 3 extra damage to ANY Melee attack and then return the card to your hand. That makes this is a very flexible damage boosting card that makes all your other Melee attacks better. And that’s why this rates a silver title bar.

What stops this card being over-powered? Why wouldn’t every warrior take this? Well, Crushing Gauntlets won’t necessarily hang around forever. You might notice that the Armor trigger doesn’t have a little card icon in the  lower right of it’s rule box. That means that you DON’T get to keep this card when it’s Armor reaction triggers. So, if someone hits you, and your gauntlets react to the damage from that they are gone. That’s right, no more crushing for you.

On the other hand, if you can maneuver yourself into a position where your opponent can’t attack you, or you wait until they’ve played out all their attacks, or you just stock up on Blocks to make sure you don’t get hit, you can crush them with every Melee attack in your hand. And, yes, Crushing Gauntlets do “stack”, so if you have two of them, you’ll add six damage to every attack you make. Nice!

3 Responses to “Crushing Gauntlets Preview”

  1. Hmm… a nice piece of armour that you DON’T want to succeed in blocking with. 🙂 This card seems to have a higher risk/reward ratio than most. Draw it at the wrong time and that nice silver bar actually equals a card that is pretty useless.

  2. Still it’ll be pretty useful if you can get two of those cards while on the attack

  3. please im dying to play… may i have a beta key

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