Card Hunter Spring Season, Halfway!

May 14th, 2014 at 12:48 am

More data and thoughts from Flaxative on the Spring PvP Season.

Week 6

(Click for full.)

There’s a new face in the Most Wins category—PaladinGP, previously at the top of the rating chart. We can see how it cost him, as he is no longer at the top of said chart. CT5 says he started playing with elves. I applaud his efforts.

What else is there to say? Average standing, games played, and average rating stats are all down from last week, but not by much—still way higher than the start of the season. It’s definitely grueling to keep up, and we can see some of our previous chart-toppers sliding down a few rungs. I’m seriously considering the feedback that this first season was maybe too long; we’re only halfway through! To all those who soldier on: I salute you.

Totals Thus Far

The halfway mark seems like a good place whence to update you on the total season standings to date. You can always find these at the season page hosted by the Sorcererers Guild, but here are the latest:

(Click for full)

Impact of the Artifacts

Elven Trickery, Sparkling Cloth Armor, Barbed Platemail, Pushback Parry…
A few of the really obvious new cards get played.

But I haven’t seen any top players running new builds in ranked PvP truly enabled by the expansion. (Leagues are another question entirely.)

I’ll keep looking!

If you’re running an interesting build in ranked, and would like me to feature it in a future blog post about the state of Card Hunter PvP, please send me the build on the forums! I will happily cover it and show off your tech 🙂

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