Dropped Guard Preview

August 20th, 2011 at 2:46 am

I don’t know what to say about this card. It’s a bummer when you draw it, that’s for sure. Why would anyone put this in their deck?!? And what kind of warrior drops their defenses mid-battle?

Also – is that a butterfly? How did that get into the dungeon? Ooh, it’s cute!

12 Responses to “Dropped Guard Preview”

  1. Assuming there are thieves, can they pickpocket in reverse? Leaving trap card such as the above behind? So many interesting possibilities!

  2. Maybe dropping these cards lets you pick up others…

  3. And what does this have to do with a harpoon?

  4. Or perhaps black cards can t be discards and needs to be played. Its your duty to decide when….

  5. Or you have to use it as soon as you get it…That would be more coherent. Looks like a trap !

  6. Should be some clues in this week’s dev diary about these kinds of cards.

  7. Hmmm, I just now noticed that all the action cards seem to double as equipment cards, only with no stats. Interesting.

    Think like a Magic player, a Dropped Guard (assuming it has intentional use and not a trap) may be useful before using a card that fills your hand with cards or that suffers from having these cards – maybe a Run Away! card’s effect is lessened if you have armor cards?

  8. This is quite a twist, we can only speculate that perhaps this could possibly be related to the adventuring side of play. Maybe this is an enemy card that gets forced into your hand/deck. Perhaps as others have stated could be a trap related card.

    Either way this adds an interesting dynamic to the game I did not expect!

  9. Looks like a firefly (see light on sheild beneath) or maybe a Gold Dragon in disguise….?

  10. Ah, with Dev Diary 5 this makes sense. Unwieldy Harpoon can be a weapon with cards like “Brutal Impalement” and “Pinning Throw”–those could be what makes it cool–and then “Dropped Guard” would be what makes it unwieldy. Still remains to be seen why you would play it when you have it in your hand, but…

  11. Adam, you’re right. To your question:
    1- You may be forced t play it by an event.
    2- You may be stuck without other cards.

    I’m still not clear flavor-wise why an unwieldy harpoon would cause you to drop armor cards, though. Still, not knowing what armor cards actually are, this could still make sense.

  12. could be handy if forced to play card on someone else or they steal a card of your choice

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