Mystery Weapons?!?

June 13th, 2012 at 10:51 pm

Oh no! Mischievous Kobolds broke into Borgo’s weapon locker and mixed everything up. Can you figure out which weapon goes with which card suite?

The Weapons

The Cards










OK, these ones are pretty easy. Next week I’ll find some harder ones for you, assuming you get these…

11 Responses to “Mystery Weapons?!?”

  1. A-polearm

  2. Vicious Javelin- B
    Stout Club- D
    Defender’s Polearm- A
    Scythe- C
    Giant’s Longsword- F
    Footpad’s Stilleto- E

    And that’s my guess.

  3. Vicious Javelin: B
    Stout Club: D
    Defender’s Polearm: A
    Scythe: C
    Giant’s Longsword: F
    Footpad’s Stiletto: E

    Vicious Javelin and Footpad’s Stiletto were the only challenging ones, because some of the cards could have been in either. But the combination of “footpad” style cards in E, longer reach in B, and much higher quality cards in B clinched it. A fun exercise!

  4. My guess is

    A – Vicious Javelin
    D – Stout Club
    B – Defender’s Polearm
    C – Scythe
    F – Giant’s Longsword
    E – Footpad’s Stilletto

  5. A – Defender’s Polearm
    B – Vicious Javelin (but aren’t those usually thrown?)
    C – Scythe
    D – Stout Club
    E – Footpad’s Stiletto
    F – Giant’s Longsword

  6. Yeah, you guys all got them right… obviously those were too easy. I’m going to find some harder ones for next week. Maybe some arcane items…

  7. @Sian: those Pinning Spear cards are actually Pinning Spear Toss with a range of 5. They also halt the target for a turn, so they are pretty nasty cards.

  8. A – Defender’s Polearm
    B – Vicious Javelin
    C – Scythe
    D – Stout Club
    E – Footpad’s Stiletto
    F – Giant’s Longsword

  9. Defender’s Polearm – A
    Vicious Javelin – B
    Scythe – C
    Stout Club – D
    Footpad’s Stiletto – E
    Giant’s Longsword – F

  10. Jon would you mind filling us in on the new talent/bead/mastery/equipment level icons? I can see you changed the way the clear bead looks with the black outline. And changed the bronze for a square instead, some more shapes in the basket for silver and gold?

  11. Hey, TEDH, yeah we listened to the feedback about the old talent icons, in particular that they wouldn’t be distinguishable if you had trouble perceiving the colors. So, now each talent has a different shape as well as color: white circle, bronze square, silver triangle and gold star.

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