Let Card Battle Commence (at PAX 2012)!

September 17th, 2012 at 9:34 pm

So,PAX is over and it was awesome. The most awesome thing about it was getting to meet a bunch of cool people and watch them play Card Hunter: the ultimate pay-off for any game developer. Luckily, most people seemed to think it was pretty fun!

Organizing a booth at a trade show is a pretty grueling experience for an indie developer, particularly when the show is in the US and you are in Australia. Ben did a great job mocking up our 10×10′ booth:


Now the challenge was to turn the actual space into that concept:

We didn’t go with the dungeon flagstone tiles unfortunately, but we did get awesome flame torches:

Amazingly, nothing went wrong with the booth, despite driving through Seattle with an 8×4′ foam core sign strapped to the roof of a car. Let Card Battle commence (many thanks to Intel for the awesome TV)!

The booth was packed all weekend!

After three days of demoing, interviews and giving away some awesome Card Hunter swag, it was time to pack up:

We got tons of great press coverage. Perhaps best of all, Tycho called us his favorite game of the show!

Many thanks to Tycho, Gabe and the Penny Arcade team for organizing such a great show, to other indies in the Indie Megabooth, to the enforcers and other crew at the show, to our friends in Seattle who kept us going through it all, to Intel and MadCatz for their sponsorship and anyone else I’ve forgotten who helped make this happen!

I’ll be posting a complete walk-through of the PAX demo we showed on our youtube channel soon. In the meantime, check out the forum for a lot more discussion of what was in the demo.

Now, it’s time to get our noses back to the grindstone and finish this game. We took about 500 Beta applications from the show and we’ll be opening these up from our website soon (stay tuned to Twitter, Facebook or the forums for more info). Let Card Battle Commence!


14 Responses to “Let Card Battle Commence (at PAX 2012)!”

  1. Seriously. Cannot WAIT for this! I’m more than down to beta test the living tar out of this game. If I must wait to play the full release, then so be it. But either way, I’m STOKED.

  2. Congratulations! Wish I could have made it… for the beta sign ups if nothing else!

  3. I really wanted to comment on this, but everything I got to say has been said already. Just pretend I said all of the above.

  4. I went to PAX and played it! It’s so much fun! And the developers are very nice people as well! I talked to them for like half an hour! I can’t wait for this game either hehehe… I’ve been following it for over a year now and it was great to be able to finally get to play for a while!

  5. Great that the game’s finally getting some much needed exposure. Almost 200 new subs to your facebook this week – the only increase in months. =)

  6. Now you have the world’s attention. Maybe it’s time to start taking pre-orders?

    Is there any way for people who weren’t at PAX to get into the beta?

  7. Fantastic job guys 😀 The booth looks fantastic 😀


  9. And… I hope that PAX signups didn’t exclude me from Beta.

  10. Been thinking a lot about this game. Not only excited for it but about how surprising it is that given the popularity of D&D, Pathfinder, etc., until now no one has tried to recreate the experience of a session like you are. Can’t wait!

  11. I can wait for this, not patiently, but I can wait. Great things take time. 🙂 I’ve been spreading word an awareness about this awesome game around the office and with family & friends, and it has already been decided that there will be a family campaign night. PUMPED!

  12. @Findle: nobody’s getting excluded from nothing (PAX signups won’t exclude you from applying for the Beta here).

  13. Nice looking game. Would be cool if it would get released on the Playstation Vita some day.

  14. hay just hade a look at this game becoz of tb it looks awsome. it looks allote like dnd but my freinds arnt interested in that. but after showing them this thay seem like thay realy wanna give it a shot. ceep upthe good work 🙂

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