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January 24th, 2013 at 10:40 pm

We’ve got a bunch of Keys ready to hand out and we know there are plenty of people looking to get their hands on one, but to make this a bit more interesting for everyone involved we’re having a bit of a contest! Yesterday we asked on our Facebook page about your first character death in a pen-and-paper role-playing game and we’ve gotten a ton of awesome and hilarious responses. It reminded all of us about our various untimely demises throughout the years, but also the amazing triumphs and just plan fun times we’ve had playing.

So the question is, what is one of your favorite rp gaming moments? It doesn’t have to be about a character death or a miraculous triumph (though it could be), just a moment where everyone was having an absolute blast!

Just jot down a short paragraph and post your response on our forums or on our Facebook page and by midnight, Thursday (Sydney time, GMT+10) and we’ll pick 20 of our favorites for a Beta Key! DON’T POST YOUR RESPONSE IN THE COMMENTS TO THIS POST – use the forums or Facebook please.

Remember, just a paragraph will do as I’m sure we’ll have *plenty* to go through. Now get crackin’!

38 Responses to “Win Beta Keys!”

  1. One time I remember being in a fight against an ice golem. Really nasty, with damage reduction so powerful that none of my skill monkey’s normal attacks would get through. But, I did have a Necklace of Fireballs. Wasn’t easy, but I climbed the golem, tossed the entire necklace inside its mouth, and let everything detonate at once. In retrospect, should have made snowcones afterwards.

  2. One of my favorite moments ever in a pen and paper RPG was during a session of Shadowrun. Three friends and I were playing the Dreamchipper adventure. We started out at my friend Jsh’s house, but called a break, and decided to move the game to our friend Jaime’s. During the card ride over, which was about an hour, we started to just role play the adventure. No combat, no dice rolls. Just complete role-playing involving investigation, contacts, and good old fashioned street work. By the time we got to Jaime’s house we were ready for the final showdown and finished off with some combat. But it was the car ride over that provided the true magic of playing a role-playing game and I’ll never forget that night.

  3. Hmmm. .. I remember when i DMing Spirit of the century(a great game of pulp action), one of my players who have a character who is a descendat of george washington, and he was a kind of mad scientist being one of the minds of the manhattan proyect alpha(brainstorming in the middle, we call manhattan proyect but with a time experiment in place of a bnuclear one, is pulp…is a thing like a love of this genre, i can make almost anything plausible :P). Well he have a supervillain called time lord(you know the “accident” researcher with some knowledge of the time), and well i make this have god power wisdom, and being posessed for a thing who he call themselves “GOD”(not a god of time, the cristian one, yeah omnipotent and omniscient), and he have mnaking changes in this world. Well one of my players char have some artist knowledge and mistical too, soo when he roll the dice to know how to get him, i say “inside of a art form”(some cultures sbelieve that art is a form to see or touch god, so i see this pretty god in that moment).
    Well after figured out to enter in a paint(i dont remember the pint, but i thing was the mona lisa), and after make some adventures passing in some art forms or filosofys(dadaism, expressionism,etc. And some pop, like cartoons and comics), i make the encounter with the time GOD lord. Well this point, i make this relly clear they dont have a chance versus this gur in the common forms of task resolution in pulps(a item, a punch in the face). So i make them have a filosofy debate with the entity itself(with some rolls when they get sometimes locked or confused, for some clues…and some exting fate points expend), they makethat god figured, that “he is everthing, then he is nothing. And nothing dont exist, because nothing is something, sooo you are condemned to destroy yourself”(yeah maybe is some flawed logic, but meh…is was really cool having that filosofy escene, and sound pretty god in the moment, so i make it work-after all, is a history). And the question itself to make god having that desicion was “there is something in nothing???”. They fell really god, and after two years they talk of that moment.

    PD: after someone point this out, yeah i was inspired by the doom patrol of morrinson.

  4. A good friend of mine got our party killed.

    He’s character were in a big argument with the knight
    (They never got along). The knight called he’s family something.
    The barbarian got so angry that e that he needed to break something… He knocked down the gates to a beholder lair!
    The’at big sucker just got a small glimpse of us and BAAM! One of the eyes hits the barbarian(My friend) and the knight, that he argued with. They got turned in to stone.
    I got Zaped, one round later. When I tried to escape.
    I don’t remember how the wizard got killed. But I know that I failed to cast hes teleportation spell. The beholder herd him and ate him.. or something.

    Even tho we died. It was one of the most awesome night of
    role playing.

  5. The best gaming experience I can think of that had everyone laughing was in the pen and paper game D&D and I believe we were playing 2e at the time.

    We were playing in more of a Roman-time aspect and we were trying to invade a tower for our ‘Rome’ but the key to it was, that we couldn’t use magical items in there, for the tower would take away all the magical components from it. This was when we were at a higher level and basked in our magical items.

    Someone had the greatest thought of trying to build a modern-day parachute by leaping off a dragon with basically rope tied with fabric like a kite.. We did some training lessons, and it wasn’t the most pleasant of experiences but we went with it anyway!

    Only one of our six members actually made it on the tower! Two of which got caught on one of the laping ledges that were raised outward with a sharp tip when it ripped into the kite… One landed on the lower platform where the enemy was standing guard but was able to stealthily move to avoid a dastardly fate.

    The other two… Well we plummeted from about a hundred and twenty feet to our supposed deaths. One of us did dye but because I was playing the tank role as a ‘gladiator’ that our DM made as a class.. I was able to eventually shake off the THUD!.. of hitting the ground. I was stunned, disoriented and when I began to raise… There was a chance I would stay down(Which might have been better for me)

    but I failed that roll, and when I rose up to stand up after the damage I’ve been put through. two hundred or so arrows flew at my direction and covered the sky… The enemy had watched the entire show of us falling to the ground, and waited at the slits before finally killing me with a rain of arrow. The party couldn’t believe I managed to live through the fall, and I just couldn’t help but laugh from it.

  6. First character death- wizard with 3 HP in basic D&D. My character was put to sleep by an evil Mage. My friend dropped his armor on my gnads to wake up. The DM ruled that this would work but cause 1-4 damage. I took 4 damage… Doh!

  7. The first time i opend the doors from the Deadmines (wow instans). it was in the beta and i was around 16, it took oure group 6 h to clear dm. it was around ~4 am when we finished it.

    i had never such a moment in a video game since. First we dident know how to open the door, after 10 min finally somone found the solution in the internent and than…
    a huge ship, noobody expected a ship in a mine.

  8. When i did my first Fus Ro Dah.

    :'( it brings a tear to my eye.

  9. It was my first character death. It was in Rifts, and I was playing a psionic bird man from the Atlantis book. We’re up against a huge Glitter Boy, and it is destroying the group, hadn’t actually killed anyone yet, but our nastier people were already unconcious.

    My character takes one last look at the group, yells a goodbye, flies up into the air his maximum range away from the fight, raises his force field in the vain hope that it would be just enough to save him, and then charges full speed THROUGH the Glitter Boy destroying the armored (let’s face it, it’s what it was essentially) mecha.

    The force field falls, but there was still too much internal damage to the character. He has time for one last speech, amounting to telling everyone why he thought that their continued existance as a group (a IC debated issue) was worth what he’d done, and then passed.

  10. I remember my first time playing D&D. I had rolled a fighter, and was just getting used to the game. A friend of mine bought a pendant at a shady business owner and casually slipped it on me, the weird cleric he was. Immediately my arm gained an unusual spiral black texture.

    I was more than a little concerned and told him to heal my arm, since this was his doing in the first place. When he healed my arm, the tattoo moved up, which caused a reasonably fair amount of panic by my character. Our wizard observed this and thought about it before firing a magic missile at my arm. The arm then turned pure black. I was rather worried, and swung my arm around as I started yelling at the wizard, who obviously exacerbated the situation when she fired into my arm. As my arm swung down, the magic missile fired out of my arm, shattering a nearby tree.

    Hah…fun times.

  11. I’ve cured 4 life points using 3 Cure Light Wounds with my cleric… not my favorite clazssafter that night…

  12. I think one of the best times i had was when i was playing D&D with some friends and we were fighting a berserker that was far beyond our level that none of us could barely scratch. So in a last ditch effort I get my friend to grapple with it and some how he holds on and then i dimensional doored us as high in the air as we could go and dropped the beserker almost 1,000 feet on it’s face, resulting in severe injury for it and my friend who refused to let go to let me port him back lol.

  13. Ah, the good Ol’ DnD days…

    I’d have to say the most memorable character death I’ve experienced was with a group of friends. We were inspecting a cave nearby and noticed an odd amount of activity coming from the ceiling of the cave. One of my friends decided to move forward, and was whisked into the air by a strange skeleton in an overcoat…

    Moments later during a boss fight, it had turned out that my friend’s character had been impregnated with thousands of baby spiders and was a delicious lunch for his new found children.

  14. we just started playing and then when my friend tried to open a chest a group of goblins attacked us! he died and the gm decided to bring him back to life he would have a dire rat pee in his mouth making him awaken and fight the dire rat.

  15. Rpg moment?
    I remember playing this game called Chrono Trigger and i still have the ds version
    My favorite part is when i accidentally activate the insta-fight against Lavos.
    I had a overpowered Chrono but a Marle who i never touched.
    So i fight against Lavos and suddenly he insta-kills Marle. I never bother reviving her but regret that later. Lavos uses a spell to suddenly get Chrono at one health. It still isn’t my turn yet and i watch helplessly as Chrono dies because of Lavos using a super fast turn.
    It still doesn’t end there.
    Being the idiot that i am i try again.
    I actually manage to get his second stage but decide that i cannot defeat him. Still i try. Marle is still hilariously underpowered and she just heals and dies, heals and dies. My friends watching laugh their lungs out as i continually rage at the weak Marle. I guess i should stop to take a break but i am too stupid to care. I do eventually die and i just give up.
    Believe it or not it still doesn’t end
    I come back with my main party of Ayla and Robo.
    They wreck lavos like its an unprotected iphone.
    My friends around me laughing at me for being a moron
    I agree
    Best time of my life.

  16. I hope everyone posted this in the proper sections of the forums or on the FB page. XD I’d hate to not see you all in game whenever I get mine. XD *waits patiently, yet excitedly*

  17. i remenber GMing a generic fantasy game in Savage Worlds, i planned a encounter with big sorcerer and his cultist against like 6 PC. the PCs came to the cave following a ritual trail in the ruins, and besides the cave there was a farmer with a mutant cow with a big tail, the cow throwing rocks at them. the cow was just added in the moment to explain the rocks i had thrown to players for getting distracted, a poor animal twisted by the dark magics of the cultists. i got the scenery so all the players get a good part: cultists liying around to be handled for the martial characters, rocky mountain for the sneak characters, magic to be cancelled by the antimagic fighter, and dead bodies for a necromancer, the former that was a last minute adition beign the cousin of a players.
    so the necromancer takes a high initiative and reanimates the cow to do a really weak attack of just throwing rocks to the wizard, but the SW system has exploding dices.
    46 damage in a game where 8 is dangerous.
    the rock broke the barrier of sound and the head of the sorcerer got blown up in a mist pink, all the cultist seeing that horrible image seppuku´ed themselves, and all the player where laughing they ass off. the fairly unknown necromancer was mythified in “Peter the Cowraiser”.

    some time ago one of the PC , running a campaign in another entirely different world added the tragic background of a poor drunk man son killed from a rock come out of nowhere, Peter the Cowraiser claimed another soul.

  18. I was playing a game of Labrinyth Lord,just made my very first dungeon filled to the brim with nasty creatures,mostly goblins,skeletons,a necromancer or two,and i decided to sprinkle inside,a basalisk(everyone was a level one,was feeling devious,the basalisk will come into play soon) i had Grognast a lvl 1 fighter with a bastard sword my friend eric was playing as and,i myself was playing as a cleric,to make sure i wouldnt have any advantages,i gave the position of dm over to my friend Zachary,we finally get to the beholder,drenched in the fruits of combat,with nearly destroyed armor,lo and behold the basalisk emerge,we both make peterfication saves,and come out un petrefied,unbeknost to me the fighter has a mirror,he picked his item’s without telling me,he attempts to dash forward 10ft and jump onto the basalisk and have it look into the mirror,now look the chances of this working are like highly unlikely,he rolls agian for being in the direct line of sight for the basalisk,he rolls to see if he actually has enough strength to cling to the basalisk,he changes his mind in mid grip and desides,to attempt to blind the basalisk then “Carve Out His Pretty Eyes” Flabbergasted Zachary tell’s him what would be required,he makes every single mark,even after the turn waiting periods,he blinds the Damn thing and carves its out and proclames “he sure didn’t see that coming” all of us roar in laughter later on he has the eyes put into his sword,enemy’s now have a chance at being petrified lucky S.O.B

  19. Basalisk* Not Beholder ‘that would have been an intirely diffrent game ;D

  20. I recall when my character was fighting a dragon: After the dragon fell from the cave roof and right in front of me, he torched my legs up via fire. Thankfully I found a pool of water and soaked my legs in it briefly before being pursued again. My two companions (a Crusader and Archer) were of little help. Crusader was drunk due to a confusion potion he consumed, which is how we all learned you can’t grapple with a dragon, more so when you’re not thinking straight (He got smashed into Crusader goo), and Archer had a broken bow due to a fire blast, so she ran screaming out of the cave after a “Peace out bro!”.

    After the dragon and I danced to the lovely sound of stomping feet and I having no armor left, I finally beheaded the monster by slicing it’s neck and chopping at it after it reared it’s head back to launch forward and bite at me. I carved the dragon meat, took a leg bone and the heart, bottled liquid fire, found my archer, and went to church to find a new crusader! =P

  21. My wizard had just scaled and then jumped down from a mid-sized wall, and my friend’s tank-class character falls after me. He landed on me, and my guy broke both his legs. Fun times, I tell you!

  22. One of my first attempts at Dming one of my pc’s stated he was going to pick up sand to use against his enemies. I agreed to it and didn’t think much of it. Sessions come and go, and no one mentions anything about it. The party was in a tight situation and were not doing very well. All of a sudden the pc with said sand does his best dale gribble impersonation and shouts, “SHA SHA SHHAAA!” as he exclaims his character wants to throw the sand in the eyes of the Ogre they are fighting. He was effective and for the rest of the campaign the pc’s were pocketing sand waiting for the perfect opportunity.

  23. Perhaps not as flashy as a big moment, but in one game I played we had a bard. The catch is this bard sang a song for each of his skill uses. It was an absolute blast and I although I cannot remember the words, the one moment that sticks out is when he sung as song as my paladin charged down the steps of dungeon on his trusty steed, bowling over many an enemy.

    That was a gaming group to remember, and one I miss a lot since moving away.

  24. I once used the cantrip belch to locate an invisible opponent . 😛 Magic missile-ed him to death moments later.

  25. Was playing an afternoon of Paranoia which is all about making the GM laugh and here is what happened:

    It was my first clone and I am walking in on an outdoor path toward one of the the buildings our great computer had directed us to. After a brief argument about who is more loyal to our leader the computer my partner convinces the computer that I am a communist and he immediately kills me. My body is on the ground bleeding and the other players show up to inspect the corpse. Seeing my red blood they believe my corpse to be a VILE communist spreading bomb and immediately begin shooting and defiling my body. My new clone shows up in the back of a car delivered by a man with a mustache and after a philosophical debate about the merits of happiness a mustache confers and whether it is communist the delivery man is shot and the crate my fresh clone is in is set ablaze and I’m burned alive before getting a chance to even do anything.

  26. i DMing a pick up game of d&d nothing fancy pretty much just make it up as i went along so i end up give the adventurers a talking kitten all black with a lil red collar and he was just the most sarcastic thing ud ever met and being a cat as ud expect he gave off this air that he felt he was supiror to 2legs and he let you know it any way he leads the team through this huge castle past dozens of traps (not tht he bothered to warn them all the time) and lol as they are walking back to the inn one of the player (who doesnt really like cats) took offense to my cats latest 2legs insult and he just goes crazy and attacks this tiny little black cat thinking its gunna be an easy kill and he thought the collar might be a magic item to talk to animals (totally was just a reg collar)
    any way due to a crit roll for the cat it turns into a giant werecat and after a long and hard fight in which the other players wisely decided to let it play out on its own the cat kicked his ass transformed back into the tiny black cat and then peed on his corpse ( lucky for him i was in a good mood and had the npc healer i gave them bring him back to life for a cost 🙂 ) suffice it to say the whole time he was just getting angryer and angrey and the rest of were just bawling our eyes out to see this big bad warrior get his but kicked by a kitten lolz

  27. One great night was when our group came across a leprechaun. We had just discovered a ring of 3 wishes and we were discussing what to do with it when the leprechaun appeared. He had pickpocketed the ring from us and was antagonizing us about it. We tried to talk him into giving it back as we did not want to fight him since he had the ring and could wish himself away. he used the first wish to move a rock from one place to another and when our theif drank a potion of invisibility to sneak up on him the leprechaun wished he could never be invisible. Bam 2 wishes gone! After much debate we convinced the leprechaun he had done a bad thing. He agreed and used the last wish to correct his mistake…..he wished the rock back to its original spot! This was a classic moment of role playing a ridiculous situation!

  28. Shouldn’t we have a news update by now? It’s almost 1 month since the previous anouncement.

  29. Since I can’t seem to get into the closed beta… here is hoping the open beta starts soon! 🙂

  30. I was playing Dragons Dogma and a bunch of the people decided it would be serious RP and we made a party. We ventured far into the map our not really official Game Master made up ridiculous plots and quests and eventually we decided it was time to fight the Ur Dragon (whom was considered the beast of the universe) and we fought it within an inch of its life and tried to be merciful. The AI however had other plans and killed 3 people and there pawns and I ran and barely managed to kill it with my assassin overall best Dragons Dogma moment ever

  31. It was in Presona 1. It was due to my one flaw, which was my stinginess with gold. This meant I never bought items. So when my healer was down, we got screwed hard by the bad guys 1 hit kills

  32. in my first ever 10th lv AD&D campaign my carh was pulled to his death by a fey that had polymorphed into a anaconda and failed its swim check, all the while my other party member was lost in the deeps of the underdark lake i died in trapped in a vial as a gaseous mime vampire vomiting because of messing with a bag of beans, a pilfer of many potion and a deck of many things.

  33. I would say that just one type of moment that I enjoy the most in the game varies on game to game what I enjoy most is when me and my friends are either jumping in joy from a victory against all odds, crying in laughter from an insane moment in the game (or a smart remark). stumped by a challenge that none of us saw coming, or just getting involved in our character. But my favorite moments are just the most intense moments me and all of my friends share not just victory or defeat in the game. It’s just the interaction between us that I enjoy the most in any game (but mostly in RPGs because of the highs and lows that you can have in a single game)

  34. My first character death was a fifth lvl Barbarian in a 3.0 campaign. Our party had been surrounded by a large group of slaads in in a variety of colors. The slaads were going to force us into a enchanted forest where they had already lost two scouting groups. Knowing we were well outnumbered and knowing nothing about slaads, I challenged their leader to (a death slaad) one on one combat. He laughed, cast implosion and I died. The DM explained later that the slaads were only to steer us towards the forest, but that started my very long and hated relation ship with will saves.

  35. During an AD&D, my buddy desided he was gonna take his orc psionist and fly days ahead to the next town to return a key or something for a quest… only to realize, as he got to the town, that another of our friends still had the key; so we lost our psionist to a 2hr nap while we played catch-up on his epic fail. ^_^

  36. Not my first but one of my favorite campaigns was a d20 modern campaign where we created ourselves as level 1 characters and tried to finish an adventure that took place at our university… I ended up in jail and multiple people died trying to solve a mystery.

  37. One of my favorite game moments was in a D10 game my friend was running based loosely on Hunter: The Reckoning. It was set in late 1800’s Europe and the group we were running was a hodge podge of demon and monster hunters that were trying to stop a huge demon cult from unleashing unspeakable evil. We had tracked a warlock to his huge home in France and had come in under the guise of simply being visitors of an aristocrat. During our conversation the warlock offered us candy from his personal dish, and my character, the super tough brawler out to prove he wasn’t afraid of anyone and to keep up appearances grabbed a lollipop from the dish and stuck it right in his mouth. He immediately passed out. Everyone was stunned. The hunters were sure they hadn’t been found out by the warlock and the warlock was certain no one on earth would be stupid enough to eat candy that was certainly poisoned. A cataclysmic fight ensued raging all over the house while my character napped on the floor. Just as the fight was reaching its climax and it appeared the Warlock was going to kill our entire group my character woke and cleaved him in the back of his head. That is why to this day any of our gaming group will always remind me that you NEVER EAT CANDY OUT OF A WARLOCK’S DISH!

  38. Hey guys – the contest has been over for quite some time. We appreciate the continued interest but we have just started a new contest as well. Please read the rules and enter on our forums here: