Get Ready for Halloween in Card Hunter!

October 20th, 2013 at 11:51 pm

Even Cardhuntria isn’t safe from ghost and goblins! Rumours have been circulating about a spooky new store that sells curious items that have crossed over from the spirit plane. Creepy new adventurers have been spotted in tournaments and adventures across the land. 
HalloweenYes, we’re celebrating Halloween with new multiplayer boards, new figures (available in Cuthbert’s Costumes, as always) and special Halloween items, available in the Halloween Store. You will be able to find this limited time store on the campaign map on an island just east of the Keep or in the multiplayer lobby.

These haunted Halloween items are strictly collector’s items. Although they have their own names and icons, the cards they provide are identical to existing items. While the Halloween store is open you can buy them or you can find them in chests (adventure and battle chests, purchased chests or multiplayer reward chests).

Remember, these items don’t provide any new cards or even combinations of cards. You should buy them if you’d like their unique icons for your collection or  if you wanted those items anyway. Or you can just collect them as they drop from loot, as usual.

The Halloween store will open soon, when we next deploy a build. We’ll update you through twitter, our forums and this blog once it goes live.


Here’s a complete list of the Halloween items (and the existing items they drop from):

Halloween itemsDevil Trident (Trident)
Skeleton Suit (Old Chainmail)
Fang Shield (Spiked Shield)
Hell Cauldron (Uncertain Juju)
The Deadonomicon (Tome of the Withering Source)
Vankenstein’s Staff (Staff of Peril)
Blazing Skull (Charged Opal)
Trickster Wand (Caustic Wand)
Wicked Broom (Big Stick)
Haunted Stick (Weighty Wand)
Witchy Robes (Tempest Robes)
Black Cat Buckler (Parrying Buckler)
Pumpkin Bomb (Wym’s Fiery Pin)
Werewolf Boots (Garalem’s Boots)
Sugar Rage (God’s Rage)

10 Responses to “Get Ready for Halloween in Card Hunter!”

  1. Must… have… Pumpkin Bombs!!! 😀

  2. Wow, those items all look really nice — especially those figures! I hope I’ll get the chance to buy them! GooooOOOOoooooOOOOooooo Halloween! 😀

  3. What about the figures? Are they for a limited time too or will they be a permanent addition to the store?

    Additionally, will the limited time stuff be only for this Halloween, or will they come back next Halloween?

  4. The figures will be limited time only. They may return at a future date.

  5. Ah, I assume that means they’ll most likely return next year? Same with the items? But they will be exclusive to only Halloween?

  6. Whatever happens, it seems likely that they will be exclusive to Halloween 🙂

  7. The Hell Cauldron is not the same as the Uncertain Juju. The Hell Cauldron requires a blue gem and the Uncertain Juju does not.

  8. @Chris, yes the Hell Cauldron has the wrong power token! It will be fixed in the next release and won’t require a token.

  9. These look nice — I’ve already picked up some Halloween figures — is there any way y’all can post a complete listing/picture of which figures are limited time, or add that info to the shop in some way? I love the game and like to support games like this through this kind of promo, but I’m not sure which figures will disappear after the holiday…

  10. Yeah, sorry they’re not marked. But the limited time figures are the vampire elf priest, the pumpkin dwarf warrior and the green-skinned black haired human wizard.

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