Castle Mitternacht: Walpurgis Night

September 30th, 2016 at 3:15 am

Wait! This is the final chapter in our Castle Mitternacht preview story! Before you proceed, you should make sure you’re all up to date.
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The door shuts behind you. You hold your silver weapons aloft and demand surrender. Countess Jovana laughs.

“Foolish heroes. Everything that was done here, was done to bring you to this place. You thought you could save Cardhuntria from corruption by coming here and defeating me?”

She cackles, and Yurik chuckles.

“This place has been haunted long before Lord Makhail died, long before he ruled. This is the place where Saint Hedvig the Black was murdered. It is a holy site for us nightfolk. Her spirit remains in the soil, her blood in the walls. We are her new agents, and once we have transformed you, nothing will stop us.”

You agree that if she can defeat you, the brightest adventurers in Cardhuntria, that the rest of the kingdom would not stand a chance. But given all your feats, your rich legacy, the potent silver you wield, you assume that she cannot. On this day, you will bring peace to Cardhuntria, as you have so many times previous.

“Enough of this nonsense,” you spit. “We end this now.”

“Indeed,” she giggles. “Indeed.”

You charge, and then you remember nothing else.




Card hunters, welcome to a new age. The corruption of the Countess Jovana has spread across the kingdom. Svitlana fights on valiantly, and everywhere her Silverwood Inquisition does its best to protect small enclaves of humans, elves, and dwarves from the creatures of the night.

King Osirius has fled his castle, and rules from exile in the Silver Forest. The true masters of Cardhuntria are Jovana and Yurik, and, of course, their most loyal ghouls: you.

The foul magic of St. Hedvig has transformed the very land. Everywhere is darkness and treachery. Bands of inquisitors turn on each other over rumors of corruption. Witches cackle in every forest. Towns, where they have yet to fall to rampaging werewolves, have become the playgrounds of poltergeists. Priests of every order have turned on their sacred texts in order to experiment with the new black magics available to them, and many have been enlisted by Count Yurik as ghoulmakers, raising a regimented army of zombies and vampires.

Nothing is as it seems and everything is dangerous.

Walpurgis Night is here.


We will open our test server for a public playtest of our new expansion tomorrow. Detailed instructions on participation will be provided. Stay tuned! =)

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