How do I play?

Just register on our home page. Once you’ve registered and confirmed your account, you can login at game.cardhunter.com.

How do I play through Steam?

Visit the Steam store to install the free Steam version of Card Hunter here.

Are accounts compatible between the web version of the game, Steam and Kongregate?

Yes, you can login to the same account through any of these services and continue playing. If you created your account through Steam or Kongregate, you will need to set a password which you can do through the in game options.

I registered already but I forgot where the game server is. Where is it?

The game server is here.

I forgot my username or password

Recover lost account information here or lost passwords here.

I got a key (through Humble Bundle or elsewhere). How do I redeem it?

Login to your existing account or register a new account. Once you are in the game, click the menu button at the top right of the screen (three horizontal lines) and select “Redeem Key”. Enter your key and you will receive your item!

I got a key to the Basic Edition. What happens if I have an existing account or already own it?

Keys to the Basic Edition can be redeemed by any account, new or existing, unless you already own the Basic Edition. If you do own it, you can give the key to someone else.

What exactly is in the Basic Edition?

The Basic Edition includes these extras: 11 treasure hunt adventures, one month of Card Hunter Club membership, nine adventurer figures, and 100 slices of pizza that can be used in-game to purchase gold, figures, chests, and more.

Is there competitive multi-player? Co-op play? How much single-player content is there?

Card Hunter is both a single-player (campaign) game and a multi-player game. You can play cooperatively with one or two other players in both the campaign and casual multiplayer. Multiplayer features ranked games, casual games and leagues.

What will I have to pay?

You can play Card Hunter for free. However, if you wish, you can buy some stuff with real money. You can subscribe to become a member of the Card Hunter Club. This boosts your loot drops. You can buy treasure chests that contain loot and you can purchase costumes for your characters. You can also buy some Treasure Hunt adventures which give you an epic quality item if you complete them.

Aren’t free to play games just designed to make you have to pay to win?

Some free to play games are designed that way, but our model is that we want to provide you a great free experience with the option of purchasing stuff if you like the game and want to enhance your experience. We are striving hard to make sure the game isn’t “pay to win”. With the exception of the Treasure Hunts and the costumes, you can access everything else in the game for free.

Where can I get more information on the actual game?

Read what the press are saying about Card Hunter here Press. We have also written a series of developer diaries as part of the blog that contains a lot more information.

What role did Richard Garfield and Skaff Elias play in development?

Richard and Skaff worked as design consultants on the game. They’re helped us make sure this is a truly great collectible card game.

I want to make a Let’s Play video of the game. Can I? Can I monetise my video?

We here at Blue Manchu welcome you to use Card Hunter content to make “Let’s Play” type videos and are happy for you to publish them online, however, we do ask that you abide by these rules for any use of Card Hunter content. First: include a copyright attribution in the form of “The game shown is © 2011,2012, and 2013 of Blue Manchu Pty Ltd”. Second: Blue Manchu reserves the right to revoke this authorization at our discretion at any time, for example, if we think that you are using the material for some purpose which might infringe our copyrights or trademarks (like copying our game). Third: Recall that Card Hunter and all of its associated intellectual property is owned exclusively by Blue Manchu.

I want to create a fan site for Card Hunter. Can I use images, text, audio or other game materials?

We love fan sites and want to support you as much as possible, however, we do need to protect our intellectual property. Should you wish to create a fan site, Blue Manchu grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-assignable license to use any game content or content from this website on your fan site, provided that this usage is for non-commercial purposes and that you attribute or maintain all copyright, trademarks and other notices associated with that content. By accepting this license, you agree that this license does not include any right for you to sub-license, assign or otherwise transfer the license or content. No title to this content has or will be transferred to you or anyone else.

We do reserve the right to revoke this license at any time at our sole discretion for any reason. Such reasons might include, but are not limited to, use of the content to promote cheats or hacks of the game or to provide any other content that we find objectionable.

Note that this license does not include a license to reverse-engineer the game logic for the purposes of reproducing Card Hunter game systems.

I want to work on the game. How do I apply?

Check out the Team page for job announcements and contact details.

Will Blue Manchu be doing other projects? Will you ever do games like Irrational Games made?

Yes, we hope to do other projects in the future, and possibly first-person 3D games. We have nothing to announce yet though.